Overwintered Nuc

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Overwintered Nuc


Nucs are $165. A $65 deposit is required to hold your order. 

1. Payment is due immediately upon order.


2. Nucs must be picked up in Frankfort, Ohio 45628. Shipping is not available. Apiary address will be given in e-mail a few weeks prior to pickup. It is within a few miles of Frankfort.


3. If for some reason, I am unable to fill the order, the customer will be due a full refund of all moneys paid.


4. What constitutes an inability to fulfill an order: 1. Nucs will be available on or around mid May, weather depending, and no later than June 2. If the nucs are not ready for pickup by June 2 at the latest, the customer is due a full refund at their request. 2. The customer fails to pick up the nuc after having been notified that the nuc is ready for pickup, does not give the customer the right to a refund. I usually do 3 Saturdays in May for pickup and have yet to deviate from this plan in past years. 


5. When the nuc is ready the customer will be contacted, and an appointment to pick up the nuc can be worked out at that time if the customer can not pickup on the ready date.


6. What the customer is getting. A marked laying queen, five deep frames, one frame being honey/pollen, at least three frames of brood in various stages, and one frame of drawn comb for them to work installed in your box. Queen will be in nuc and laying for at least 3 weeks before pickup so i can evaluate her performance and make sure you are getting a quality queen. Nucs will be in Jester plastic nuc boxes at pickup. 


7. Your choice of two different queens. A.) 2018 Overwintered queens- These queens were produced from Instrumental Inseminated Breeder Queens and were open mated with local Ohio drones late last year in my breeding yards and overwintered in a Nuc. B.) 2019 queens- from California. My early season queens come from a few different sources that I have used in the past and trust. 

Some customers want an overwintered queen that has proven to survive a winter and been mated with local drones and some customers want a younger queen to head their colonies. So the choice is yours! 

Nucs are $165.  Deposit at time of order is $65 . Balance of $100 is due at pickup and balance is cash or cashiers check only. 10+ nucs are $160 each. Packages are averaging $110 each this year and when you figure you are getting 5 frames, at least 4 being drawn with brood, pollen, honey, and a confirmed quality laying queen $165 is cheap. Several customers reported their bees making several supers of honey last year.

If you are just starting in beekeeping I highly recommend starting with two or more hives. Having two hives allows you to compare their build up and also to share resources. For example, if you have one hive that is weak with only a few frames of brood and your other is strong with lots of bees and brood you can give the weak hive a frame of brood from the strong colony. There are lots of other reasons to keep 2 or more, however if you are comfortable only starting with one your first year then start with one! If you have any questions about the nucs feel free to email me. dan@williamshoneybees.com Beekeeping is a fun hobby and I wish you the best of luck!!!

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