Pumpkin Pie Creamed Honey

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Pumpkin Pie Creamed Honey

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Pumpkin Pie Creamed Honey 12 oz jar $8

Creamed Honey is produced by stirring and letting it set at a carefully controlled temperature. It is still 100% pure honey with nothing else added. It spreads easily on toast, crackers, etc. It will maintain its consistency in most conditions, but will melt and dissolve like liquid honey when used in coffee or tea.

This creamed honey is made with our raw summer honey and pumpkin pie spice. Summer honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a very pleasing mild taste. The bees gather the nectar to make this honey from many different types of clovers and wildflowers that grow near our bee yards in Ross County, Ohio

Net weight: 12oz

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3 flavor choices:

Cinnamon Creamed Honey- ground cinnamon is added to our plain creamed honey and mixed up.

Plain Creamed Honey- just plain raw honey nothing added

Pumpkin Pie Creamed Honey- pumpkin pie spice added to our plain creamed honey