Our Story

Beekeeping started out as a hobby for me, I had two hives and loved every minute of it. I became obsessed with bees and beekeeping, reading everything I could get my hands on and counting down the days until I could get into the hives again. Now we are now running around 600 hives at peak season and operating one of the largest queen rearing operations in the state.

A hobby and a part time passion has been turned into a full blown business and a passion for everything we do. I say “we” because several years back my wife Cortney quit her job to be a stay at home mom and help with everything “not field related”. She’s in the beautification department. She takes the beeswax and makes awesome candles, soaps and lip balms. The buckets/barrels of varietal/seasonal honey are bottled by Cortney into many different sizes and styles of bottles. She sells at the Chillicothe Farmer’s market, our online shop and keeps the retail stores we work with stocked with all our goods. It’s a full time job for her, plus 2 children! And me!

My job is “everything field related”. Separation of job duties, we joke and say it’s the key to a happy marriage. HAHA I raise the queens, make the nucs, manage the bees, manage the equipment and keep track of what is going on in the field. Our life, our vacations, and our family activities are all centered around what those bees need. They take care of us and we must take care of them, it’s a beautiful relationship that we are happy to be a part of!