Muth Jar

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1lb muth.jpg

Muth Jar

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The cork of this jar has been hand dipped in beeswax to hold the cork in place. 

Summer honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a very pleasing mild taste. The bees gather the nectar to make this honey from many different types of clovers and wildflowers that grow near our bee yards in Ross County, Ohio

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16 oz Muth includes a honey dipper as pictured.

Honey dipper is not avaible for the 8 oz muth jar.

 Raw honey will granulate (get sugar like crystals in it and become slightly cloudy) over time. This does not mean the honey has gone bad. Honey does not spoil. To re-liquefy all you need to do is heat the container in a pot of warm water to decrystallize it. Excessive heat can cause the flavors and enzymes to degrade so heating over 110 degrees is not recommended.